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Burger Night im Postwirt

Best burgers - Best selection

#1 Burger Night

Experience enjoyment at its best - with the highest quality and regional ingredients. Our burgers are presented in mini formats and are made from 100% Irish beef, which is processed fresh daily into small masterpieces. But that's not all. We also offer chicken, vegan and vegetarian burger options, accompanied by a variety of delicious sides.

Our savoury ribs and finger food specialities provide additional culinary delights. The presentation is either in the form of a buffet or directly at the table on rustic wooden platters - an unforgettable experience for groups and team events.

Our Burger Night is unique and unrivalled. And for the perfect finish, we offer a tantalising selection of dessert variations. Let us spoil you and experience an evening full of culinary delights.

Icon Burger Night


Something for everyone

  • Flexible offer: Optionally as a buffet or flying buffet at the table, ideal for groups of any size.
  • Including options for vegetarians and vegans so that every guest can find a suitable dish.
  • Top it off with our tantalising dessert variation.
  • Our top priority: quality. We rely on first-class ingredients and preparation to pamper your palate.

Feast like a Roman emperor

#2 Polenta Table

Polenta was a common dish in ancient Rome and is served directly at the table. Topped with exclusive meat variations, fresh seafood, vegetarian variety and the finest sauces, we turn what was once a "poor man's meal" into a culinary sensation and showpiece at the same time.

Your personal round table full of delicacies, exquisite wines and enthusiastic faces. Whether it's a romantic dinner for two, a family meal or the crowning glory for team events or company celebrations. Our polenta table always ensures unforgettable moments and an atmospheric evening.

Icon Polenta Veggie Table

Polenta variation #1

Veggie Table

We serve polenta with a varied selection of vegetable preparations in refined sauces and Parmesan cheese freshly sliced from the loaf.

Icon Polenta Meat-Love

Polenta variation #2

Meat Love

We serve creative variations of ribs and the finest meat preparations with a rich vegetable garnish, refined sauces and freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Icon Polenta Seven Seas

Polenta variation #3

Seven Seas

We serve the finest fish variations and fresh seafood with a rich vegetable garnish, refined sauces and Parmesan cheese freshly shaved from the loaf with the polenta.

Icon Polenta Surf n Turf

Polenta variation #4

Surf 'n' Turf

We serve a harmoniously coordinated selection of all our varieties with the polenta.

Icon Polenta Extras


Selectable extras

  • Fresh garlic bread
  • Crisp, mixed salad (topped with balsamic dressing)
  • Matching wines from the menu

Get on the barbecue!

#3 Barbecue Event

We offer a DIY burger barbecue for up to 12 people, where you prepare the ingredients together with Chef Bene and cook them on the barbecue. Everyone can create their own burger to their liking and find inspiration in our burger cookbook.

This is a great team activity that builds team spirit and increases the fun factor, and for groups of 12 or more, we offer show events where you can choose between burgers and other barbecue specialities. There are no limits to your imagination and this option is particularly suitable for large groups.

It's not just about culinary enjoyment, but also about entertainment and variety, and the best thing is that our barbecue fun is not just limited to the warmer months. In winter, we offer an unforgettable experience with our winter barbecue. Whatever the season, we guarantee you a special barbecue experience.

Icon Grill-Event

How would you like it?

Grill or let grill

  • Up to 12 people: DIY barbecue seminar in which you actively participate and learn.
  • From 12 persons: Show kitchen where you can choose between different grilled dishes.
  • Varied selection of dishes and preparation options.
  • A culinary experience combined with entertaining activities.